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Lui & Dino Donatelli

“Meet The Owners Lui & Dino Donatelli”

Gropak Australia trading as Greenfields Foods has been at the forefront of pre-packaged salads in Western Australia since 1993. The company has grown from humble beginnings  in a small market garden packing shed in Clarkson to a modern environment and controlled packing facility in Malaga where the organisation currently employs over 20 dedicated staff.

Greenfields Foods is a family owned business with the directors and shareholders being Lui and Dino Donatelli. Together they have developed a variety of product lines and are to suppliers to over 120 stores including IGA , Farmer Jacks, and Foodworks chains of supermarkets.

Greenfields Foods has attained HACCP accreditation, which ensures that all procedures and products are compliant with some of most stringent control requirements.

 The Greenfields Foods product range includes:

  • Lunch Packs
  • Prepacked Salad Bowls
  • Prepacked Salad Bags
  • Bulk Loose Gourmet Lettuce
  • Peeled Vegetables
  • Soup Packs
  • Stir Fries
  • Coleslaws

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Each of the products’ packaging ,whether a show bowl or a flushed sealed bag contain nutritional information on all ingredients for the end benefit of the consumer.

Our supply chain management ensures that our suppliers produce is delivered to our processing premises fresh every day, and packed and delivered to our customers stores within 24 hours of delivery into our processing facility. The produce is then quality checked ensuring it complies with our specifications , and then placed in production.

This is our motto, this is our goal and we are committed to consistently achieving this goal.

What’s fresh, EVERYDAY?

 We pride ourselves on delivering the freshest WA produce every day to our supermarket stores so that our customers enjoy the ultimate experience of fresh, juicy and tasty product for them and their family to enjoy.

 To find out more about our specific product lines or to become one of our valued customers please contact us at:

Greenfields Foods

Unit 1/11 Resource Way,

Malaga WA  6090

Contact No: +61 8 9209 2955

Fax No: +61 8 9209 2655

Email:  gropak@bigpond.com

We would be more than happy to discuss our products and services further with you.


 “WA  All The Way Pty Ltd”,also founded by Lui & Dino in conjuction with a group of successful family owned growers and producers.

WA  All The Way Pty Ltd is 100% owned and operated by Western Australians that promote only Western Australian products.

All of the group members are fully accredited food safe businesses that strictly adhere to all food safety standards to ensure products
are of a high level of quality. WA  All The Way is collectively at the forefront of value added products such as ready made salads, quick
and easy, healthy microwaveable produce , prepacked produce and traditional product lines.